Tuesday, April 3, 2012

-Dragon Day-PTU

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For this tutorial, you’ll need a working knowledge of PSP.
I’m using PSP X4 but any version should work. 
This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.
Supplies for this tutorial:
PSP (any version)
Tube/Image by TooshToosh.
You MUST have a license to use this tube. Do NOT use this tube w/o the proper license!
These images are available here: www.tooshtoosh.com   
PTU Scrap kit-Have a nice day here: http://sweetcravingsscraps.blogspot.com/ 
Butterfly animation here: HERE

Let’s begin:
Open new image 500x175
Copy & paste a paper from the kit that you want to use for your background.
I used the one w/ the meadow and tree scene.
Very pretty paper!
Next open up the rolling hills element
Resize it to fit your taste
Position how you like.
I duplicated and mirrored it for my banner.
Copy and paste your tube.
Add drop shadow of choice

Now you copy and paste any of the other super cute elements from the kit that you want.
I used the following:
Tree x2
Blueberries x2
Berry twigs x2
White flower

Resize and position each element you add.
Be sure to add a drop shadow to each one as well.

Merge visible.
Add new raster layer
Select all
Selection borders set at 2
flood fill w/ color of choice
(I used blue)
Select none
Add noise setting of choice.
Add your name & © info
Merge visible again
Copy your banner

Move to AS
Paste as new animation

Open your butterflies
Look at how many frames your animation is & duplicate your banner that many time.
Mine is 15

Select all the frames of your banner
Right click in the first frame 
Paste INTO selection

Position your butterflies
View animation

If you’re happy with it, save & enjoy your banner!

I’m going to cheat here! ;)
Open new image 150x150
Copy the merged banner you made in PSP
Paste as new layer
Position to your liking.
Add your name & the ©
Add your outline the same way we did for the banner before.
Save & enjoy! 


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