Saturday, April 2, 2011

•Emolicious Cutie-PTU•

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For this tutorial, you’ll need a working knowledge of PSP.
I’m using PSP 9 but any version should work.

This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.

Supplies for this tutorial:

PSP (any version)
Scrap kit of choice.
I’m using the PTU kit:  Emolicious from Tammy
Be sure to check out her blog: 
Thanks for this awesome kit girl!!
Tube of choice. I’m using a Zebrush tube.
Find this tube here: 
You MUST have a license to use this tube! DO NOT use without a license!!
Let’s begin!!
Open a new canvas-800x600--we’ll crop later.
Use your ellipse tool to draw out an oval-width should be about 17 with your background null.
Convert to raster layer. Select with magic wand.
Expand by 1.--Do NOT deselect.
Select a paper from your kit. Copy.
Back to canvas and paste INTO selection--Do NOT deselect.
Add new raster layer.
Selections-modify-expand by 3
Flood fill with a color to match your tube/kit,
Add noise of choice.
De select and move this below your circle. Merge your paper circle down onto your glitter circle.
Select the empty inside of your circle w/ your magic wand.
Expand by 3 and flood fill with another color to match your kit/tube.
Move below your outlines.
Copy and paste the close up of your tube.
Crop it so nothing is hanging out.
Change the blend mode to luminance legacy.
Duplicate and mirror. 
Adjust if needed.
Select any other elements you want to add to your tag.
If you use a filmstrip, select the insides with your magic wand--expand by 2
Add new raster layer and fill with a paper from your kit.
Move below your frame.
Add parts of your tube under each frame.
Crop as needed.
Add any other elements behind your frames.
Add your tube.
Add drop shadow of your choice to each item you add to your tag.
Crop and re size as needed.
Add your © info and any name or text you want on your tag.
Save & enjoy!!
Thanks for doing my tut


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